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Homozygous for Tobiano
14.3 Hands
1,081 Pounds

At the present time we own 5 horses sired by Princess' sire... 4 mares and 1 gelding.  ALL, without exception have turned out to be honest, honest, honest.  Not a one of them has ever bucked, kicked, bit, struck, spooked, etc.  They are ALL rock solid as can be.  I would not hesitate putting Princess is a real nice mare and homozygous to boot.  We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase her.  She is extremely easy to work with and has a kind disposition.  Princess is great to handle and is very willing.  She will do anything that you ask of her.

At a young age Princess was shown in Halter Classes in local Open Paint Horse Shows.  She was the MPHC [Montana Paint Horse Club] Futurity Winner as a Yearling and 2 Year old.  She won every halter class she was ever entered in and by the looks of her I sure can see why.  She has awesome confirmation with a huge hip that doesn't know when to stop.  Princess has wonderfully straight legs and a gorgeous head.  I could go on and on about her qualities but the pictures can do far more than I can with just words.

Princess' full brother, Mountain Bars Wish, was 2nd place Open Yearling Stallion, 3rd place Weanling Stallion and 4th Weanling Yearling Trail in Hand at Open RMBA [Rocky Mountain Breeders Association] shows.  He also won 2nd place Yearling Stallion and 5th place Trail in Hand at the 2003 MPHC show.  I'm quite certain had he kept up his show career he would have been a real winner like Princess. anyone on them young or old, experienced or a first time rider.  They are completely trustworthy.  And if that is not good enough... 4 of them quickly became our trainers favorites.

One of his daughters, Debs Mtn Bar Nugget, had 3 rides on her as a 3 year old.  5 years later at age 8 we took her to the trainer.  She had 4 months put on her.  The trainer said that she acted like a seasoned horse that had been ridden all those years.  Not a hint of a buck or anything.  

Nugget was then retired as a brood mare.  Almost 5 years later after having gone through Cancer surgery and Chemo and still very weak I wanted to get back to riding.  The first horse I thought of... one that I KNEW I could trust to give me a safe ride was Nugget.  And true to form Nugget gave me an AWESOME safe ride.  Again... as if she had been ridden every day for the entire almost 13 years of her life.  That is just an example of the type of horses Princess' sire puts out.  Safe, Honest, Trustworthy and a true pleasure to ride.

Princess has had 2 foals for us.  They BOTH have her same wonderful willing attitude and excellent conformation.  They both halter broke within minutes and were willing to do anything we asked.  They are very people friendly, in your pocket types of colts.  They are the first one to greet you in our 50 acre pasture... easy to catch anywhere at anytime.

Her second Colt, Heza Regal Dandy, is Bay and Homozygous to boot.  He has conformation that will not quit.  If we didn't already have 2 studs he would NOT have left the place.  He was sold to a Show Home.  He will be in Reining Training with the goal of taking him to the World Show..

Her first Colt, Mister, we have decided to keep to ride.  He is just like Dandyand was born virtually imprinted.  He would leave Princess to follow us all over the place much to Princess' chagrin.  As he was her first foal she was naturally protective and did not like him straying so far from her.  But he preferred our company to that of his dam.  And he has stayed the same way.  He will be heading for training soon so that I can ride him this summer.

I am just thrilled with both of her foals.  They are just what we like to produce as far as minds, conformation and willingness.  I look forward to her next foal which will be a result of breeding her to Legs in 2014.  The resulting foal will be Homozygous and will have a 65.63% chance of being Bay, 25% Chestnut and 9.38% Black.

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