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14.3 Hands
1,100 Pounds

Nugget is one mare that will NEVER leave the place.  She is our most favorite mare of all.  She throws us exceptional babies with size, good bone, body mass, HUGE HIPS and Gorgeous Heads.  And if that is not enough her foals have wonderful dispositions, are extremely easy to train, retain what they learn and are smart as whips.  This is one mare that we would be hard pressed to replace as there are not many like her out there.

She is my husbands horse.  We bought her at 6 months of age.  When she reached almost 3 years of age it was time to break her.  My husband who was NOT a horse person before he met me had only ridden a handful of times at the time we decided to break her.  We saddled her and without skipping a beat my husband hopped right on her.  She just stood there.  I had a set of reins hooked up to her halter as with his inexperience I did not want to put a bit in her mouth.

My husband said "Walk Nugget" and away she went.  She turned for him, backed for him, halted for him and basically did everything that he asked of her.  He rode her about 15 minutes and that was it.  He rode her a half dozen times more after that and then we put her out to be a brood mare.

When she was 8 years old we sent her to the trainer to be broke to ride.  We unloaded her into the round pen.  My husband was telling the trainer that he could put a saddle on her and jump right on her back and she wouldn't do a thing.  It had been 5 years since she'd been ridden and we all cautioned him to NOT do that.  He wouldn't listen and put the saddle on her... NO halter... and hopped right up on her.  She just stood there waiting for him to tell her what to do.

After my Cancer Surgery and Chemotherapy and the long recovery process I wanted to ride.  The horse I chose to ride was Nugget.  It didn't even cross my mind as to how long it had been since she had been ridden.  I just trusted her and KNEW she would take care of me.  I went for about a 15 minute ride and it was as if she had been ridden every day.  After my ride I E:Mailed the trainer and told him that I rode her and she was wonderful.  It was then that I was promptly informed that it had been 8 YEARS since she had been ridden.  That is just the type of mare she is... honest... trustworthy... safe no matter how long it has been since she has been ridden.  And this is what she is passing on to her foals.

While in training the Trainer used her to herd some of his cattle from one pasture to another.  He said she was a natural at it and when a cow would stray without even being told to Nugget took right out after it.  We have taken 30+ horses to him to train and she was his favorite of all of them.

She is a real easy keeper.  It doesn't take much to keep her fat.  Heck sometimes I swear that she can just LOOK at food and gain weight.  She was the ONLY horse that actually GAINED weight while at the trainers.  LOL  And she passes that on to her foals as well.  No sweat keeping them nice and fat.

Nugget is one of the 5 horses that we own sired by the same sire, Last Mountain Bar... 4 mares and 1 gelding.  ALL, without exception have turned out to be honest, honest, honest.  Not a one of them has ever bucked, kicked, bit, struck, spooked, etc.  They are ALL rock solid as can be.  I would not hesitate putting anyone on them young or old, experienced or a first time rider.  They are completely trustworthy.

Up until 2014 we kept all of her foals in our herd.  2014 was the first year we offered one of her offspring for sale... a Deep, Deep Red Chestnut Stud Colt that is flashy as all get out.  If our studs were older and we had needed a replacement that guy would not have left the place either.  Nugget is one mare that I want to keep offspring from to carry on her legacy.

I could write a book about this wonderful mare, but I think I should stop here.  I wouldn't want to bore you all to death.  LOL

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