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Missy was the second mare we purchased to be our foundation mare for our herd.  We have never regretted it for one second.  I wish I had a dollar for every person that has wanted to buy her.  She has proven she has the ability to throw some truly AWESOME athletic foals as can be seen in the foals she has had for us.  "Bandit" her first foal, "Surprise" her second foal and "Derby" her third foal.  She continues to put out awesome foals year after year after year.

Missy stands 15 Hands and weighs 1,000 pounds.  Missy had everything we were looking for as brood mare... Good bone. well muscled, big feet and straight legs, nice hip, level rump and heart girth, nice long sloping shoulder for a smooth ride.  Our farrier constantly comments on what good feet she has.  He says she's got the best feet in our entire herd.

Missy has been broke to ride and knows it ALL.  She does everything... spins, side passes, sliding stops and the whole nine yards of just regular riding.  She is just the gentlest sweetest thing when it comes to a novice rider that you ever want to see.  She will take baby steps or half steps and acts like an old plug when being ridden by an inexperienced rider.  But... once you get an experienced rider on her she is full of life and ready to go and do whatever you ask of her.

Missy is the type of mare that you can let be a horse for years then saddle her up and hop on with no problems.  She never offers to buck.  Nothing spooks her or bothers her in the slightest.  She's one "Rock Solid" mare that is totally bomb proof.  Plain and simply a real honest horse with a great mind.  I wish I had a 100 like her.

Missy is passing ALL of her good qualities on to her foals.  Every one of them have her calm willing attitude and learned quickly.  Not a one of them ever so much as offered to buck.  Their owners are thrilled with them.  For those of you that like a nice big Blaze... Missy tends to put her blaze right on her foals.

Her 2003 Colt, "Surprise", is in California.  He was shown as a 2 year old in Paint Shows in Southern California.  He consistently won in Halter and Color Classes over much older Mature Stallions.  When he is retired from showing he will be used as their herd sire.

Her others foals are scattered throughout Montana being used on ranches, roping competitions and just as pleasure/trail horses or pets.  I've heard back from most everyone that purchased one of her foals and bar none they are ALL very pleased with them.

"Bandit", Missy's 2000 colt is in Canada.  He was sold to Mark and Randa Nugent of Nugent Ranches.  Mark and Randa are Professional Rodeo and Barrel Racing people.  Mark was 16th in the World in 1990.  They are planning on using Bandit in Barrel Racing events.

Missy's sire, Smashed Casanova, is a proven leading Barrel Racing producing sire in addition to other winners in the Arena, on the Track and at Halter.  Smashed Casanova has a fine conformation, a great disposition, an awesome pedigree, and explosive athletic ability.  He was unraced due to an injury.  But he has proven himself as a sire.  He consistently produces athletic colts with great minds and excellent conformation.

This mare was bred for "SPEED".  She has "Easy Jet" right on her papers.  But it doesn't stop there.  She has Easily Smashed, Jet Deck, Lena's Bar, Top Moon, Midway Mayor, Majestic Prince, Raise A Native and Bar Bob just in her first 4 generations.  When you go a bit further you will find Three Bars, Moon Deck, Top Deck, Barred, Rebel Cause, Depth Charge, Native Dancer, Count Fleet [Triple Crown Winner], Music Mount and Leo.

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