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15.3 Hands - 1,200 Pounds

Legs is the second foal out of our late Paint Stallion "Citas Bueno Suerte".  He was so perfect in every way that we decided he was a keeper and more than worthy of becoming the reigning stallion here at Regal Paints!!!  We are very pleased to see that he has inherited his sires awesome bone mass, huge hip, big feet and straight legs.  As a 4 year old he was 15.1 Hands and 1,000 lbs and still growing.   As an added bonus he has his sires sweet disposition.  He's a perfect gentleman in all ways and has excellent manners.

Legs has been so much fun to work with because he learns amazingly fast.  He halter broke in nothing flat.   He stood for the farrier the first time with ease.   No matter what you ask of him he is totally willing and eager to please.   Legs is smart, willing, carries himself nice, enjoys his work and retains everything he learns.  As a two year old with just 4 months of training the trainer was riding him with nothing... no bridle, no halter, no saddle.   He just that kind of Stud.

Legs is very athletic and Cowey.  He has a natural instinct for cattle and is already attempting to cut cattle.   He rates and tracks a cow Nicely and loves to work.  The trainer and his wife like him so much that they are using him to breed to some of their mares.  He's a super neat horse, quick and catty and really classy.

Legs was born gentle.   We didn't have to do a thing.  He didn't mind us touching him anywhere.   I believe he thought he was a human and not a horse.   LOL   When he was a baby I would go in the stall when he was laying down and lay right next to him and mess with him and pet him and lay my leg over him.   He loved it!!!

TRAINER TESTIMONIAL:  "I trained this stallion for Pam and Rick.  He was very willing from the start and had a good disposition.   He has a lot of expression and has a lot of natural cow sense and athletic ability.   I think he will produce some really nice performance and cow horses."

Brett Fitzpatrick

With his color, disposition, confirmation, athletic ability, willingness and great mind we feel that he is a real asset to our herd.   Add the fact that he is Homozygous and has a pedigree full of Hall of Fame, World, Congress, National, Honor Roll, Canadian, APHA and AQHA Halter, Cutting, Reining, Heading, Heeling, Working Cow Horse, Steer Stopping, Roping, AQHA Running, Race, Futurity and Versatility CHAMPIONS he is truly the "KING" around here!!!

We will be standing Legs to a limited number of mares.   Breeding fee will be $450.00 plus mare care.  LIVE "COLORED" FOAL GUARANTEED.  Please CLICK HERE for additional information and requirements for breeding your mare to Cita's Regal Prfection.  CLICK HERE for our Breeding Contract.  PLEASE READ THE FULL CONTRACT SO THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT OUR PLACE.

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