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1932-1960 - Bay
AQHA #0002833
15 Hands

AQHA Hall of Fame

Sire of AQHA High Point Performance, NRCHA and AQHA Hall of Fame, ROM Performance, NCHA Money-Earning
and Halter and Performance Point Earning Offspring

Driftwood matched against, and outran, the legendary Clabber a World Champion Quarter Running Horse.

Driftwood was a very well balanced individual and showed an alertness that is still evident in his progeny.

He was an extremely fast horse and devoured ducking and diving calves.

He was a tough horse and his sturdiness was shown in his years of racing and traveling on the rodeo circuit.

The greatest cross on Driftwood seemed to be a mare named Sage Hen.  This great mare produced Driftwood’s greatest performers including Poker Chip Peake who is considered to be the greatest calf roping horse of all time.  He was a good looking gray and could really stop.  Sage Hen also produced Henny Penny Peake (Hackamore champion), Red Button (famous rodeo gelding), Drifting Sage (rope horse and great sire).  Drifting Sage produced Blanton Wood (by Kitty Blanton by Lucky Blanton).  Blanton Wood is the sire to Blantons O Too Cool.  Sage Hen was by Wagonner and proved to be the greatest cross on Driftwood.  Wagonner mares crossed excellent on Driftwood.

Another great cross was Hancock Belle.  She was by Buck by Chicaro and by a Hancock mare.  This cross produced Driftwood Ike who was also a top rope horse and later a sire.  Ike sired Orphan Drift, Wayward Ike, White Lightning Ike and Lone Drifter and other great sires.  Driftwood Ike mares produced excellent individuals such as Sunfrost and Bucko Jack.  Bucko Jack was cutting winner before being sidelined with an injury.  Bucko Jack is the sire of Jumpin Jack Solano.  Hancock Belle was also the dam of Chilena.  Chilena was also a great arena performer when mares were rarely ridden in the arena.  Chilena was a great roping horse and her blood is prized by Driftwood breeders.  It is fabled that Chilena outran every race horse in Arizona and California during her time.  She produced Frostena who was an AQHA Superior Heading Horse.  Frostena is the dam of Frostys War Chief.  Frostys War Chief also carries Driftwood on his top side through Brown Beulah, his granddam.

Driftwood, foaled in Texas in 1932, was a great performer, a match race horse, a top all event rodeo horse, and maybe more importantly, had the ability to sire foals that also were great performers, and they, in turn, had the genetic strength to pass these traits down.   Driftwood blood is still highly sought after in today's performance horses.   Driftwood died in 1960, and his best known, and perhaps best son, Driftwood Ike, born in 1950.   Ike was the result of the now `very proven' Driftwood X Joe Hancock cross, his dam being a grand daughter of Joe Hancock.   Driftwood Ike was a very successful rope horse, and a sought after sire of rope horses.   He was also versatile, as they rode speed events and barrel races with him.

Driftwood Ike's most prominent son was probably Orphan Drift, his dam going back to the old running bloodlines of Joe Reed II and Clabber.   This was the proven cross of cowhorse blood on top of running blood, and is still used today.   Orphan Drift was another successful rodeo roping event horse, and was used in several events.   Orphan Drift proved to be quite pre potent, and sired many horses of great ability.   Mr Junewood, 192 AQHA open performance points in three events(KESA Quarter Horses) is a result of the strong genetics of Orphan Drift, and another proven Driftwood Ike son, Wayward Ike, whose dam also had running blood in her background.

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