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FOR SALE:  $2,500.00 Firm

Candy is a great colt.  He is maturing to have the same excellent conformation as his full brother, Heza Regal Dandy.  When Dandy was born I thought he was the best of the best and never dreamed that Princess would give us another super colt, but she did.  Candy has the same gorgeous head, huge hip and good mind.  He's Homozygous so you will ALWAYS get a colored baby.

His full brother was shown one time shortly after he was purchased.  He took 4th place in halter.  The couple that bought him are planning on sending him to a trainer for Reining training with plans on taking him to the World Show.  At the present time he is being broke to ride.  I received a message from the new owners stating the following: "Dandy is doing awesome!  He is the sweetest guy.  I am just getting him started under saddle and he is doing great.  The first time I climbed into the saddle he took off like he knew what he was doing."

We have had 3 foals out of Princess so far and she never disappoints us.  Her colts have all been such a pleasure to work with as they are so willing to please and eager to learn.  Candy is no exception to the rule.  He retains what he learns day by day.

He will certainly turn any judges head with his "LOOK AT ME" attitude and the proud way that he carries himself.  He KNOWS that he is something special.  He should excel in Halter, Pleasure, Trail, Color Class and more.  His dam was shown extensively in Halter for 5 years and won every Halter class she was ever in.

If you are in the market for a stud, Candy has everything you need:  Homozygous, conformation and a champion pedigree to boot ...  Doc Bar, Primero El Randado, Big Bits Bar, Kokomingo, Hanks Koko, Dandy Diamond, Leo San Cita, Zippo Pat Bars, Sugar Bars, Lighting Bar, Doc's Zimfandel and more.

His Great Grandsire, Citas Slidin Leo, is the sire of Slidin Miss Kitty the FIRST Paint ever to win #1 Six Pac Top 5 Award 3 Years Running and the FIRST 3 Year Old to ever win #1 Six Pac Top 5 Award.   In 3 years of showing she earned a PAC Certificate of Recognition in Western Pleasure, Halter, Trail, English Pleasure, Walk/Trot, Showmanship, Equitation and Color Class and a PAC Certificate of Achievement in Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Halter, Walk/Trot, Trail, Color Class and Showmanship.  Multiple times PAC Champion and High Point Awards.  She has won so much that there is just too much to list here.  She has earned 3,445 Lifetime Performance Points and 486 Lifetime Halter Points.

Candy was imprinted at birth and has been exposed to all types of things... Power tools, dogs, cows, rabbits, coyotes, fox, Prairie Dogs, Birds of ALL kinds, tractors, cars, trucks, irrigation equipment and much more.   Nothing seems to phase him in the slightest.  He is halter broke, picks up his feet with ease and has been wormed.  We put extensive ground work into our foals and work them every day.  He will be taught to cross poles, walk over plywood and plastic, back, move away from pressure, load in a trailer and much more.

Don't pass this guy up.  He'd be a great addition to your show barn or your breeding program.

If you show Candy, once you earn 10 VERIFIABLE Points with the APHA we will issue a $100.00 refund.  You just need to notify us that you have earned the points.  Once the points show up on the APHA web site we will send you a check.  Please note that it does take a while for the points to show up on the APHA web site.

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