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BooBoo is SO much like her half brother Legs.   She has the same natural cutting instinct and without any formal training will attempt to cut a cow.   She rates them, tracks them and stands quietly until they move.   When the cow stops, she stops, when the cow goes, she goes, etc .  We are very impressed with the foals Susie puts out as they are truly Cowey and have a lot of cow sense about them.

She learns very quickly and retains what she learns.   You teach her something one time and she never forgets.   She's a real smart little mare.   BooBoo loves to please people and is willing to do anything you ask.   She has a big stop and gets her rear right under her, is smooth riding and quiet.   A real pleasure to ride and work with.   She never even hinted at a buck even though she was not taken to the trainer until she was 5 years old.   She's the type of horse you can let sit for a while and then hop right on and not have to worry about a thing.

BooBoo will drag a barrel, cross bridges, stands tied, loads, good with her feet and much, much more.  She has been exposed to all sorts of things... cows, dogs, coyotes, pigs, power tools, tractors, irrigation equipment and a whole lot more here on the ranch.  She gets along well with her herd mates.  She is an excellent Mom and has had one foal.  She initially had 4 months Professional training on her as a 5 year old and went back in 2012 for an additional 2 month Tune-Up.  She has not been ridden since.

She is very large boned and is one solid mare.  She has a big hip, long pasterns and stands on a good set of big feet and straight legs.   She has a nice deep heart girth and a wide chest.   BooBoo has a pretty head with a diamond on the tip of her nose.   She has minimal white and is the spittin' image of her dam.

BooBoo's sire is a Futurity Winner and Grand Champion in "Halter", "Western Pleasure", "Trail" and "Longe-Line".   His get are consistently winning in the show ring.   He is athletically bred with many APHA and AQHA World Champions and AAAT's in his pedigree.

She has a Champion filled APHA and AQHA Pedigree with AQHA "Sugar Bars", "Pasamonte Paul", and "Sonnys Heir" one off her papers.  On the APHA end she has "Sudden Impact", "Painted Misfit" and "Kokomingo" right on her papers... one off her papers she has "Hanks Koko", "Bella D" and "War Bonnet Belle".

TRAINER TESTIMONIAL:  "I put 6 months training on this mare for Pam and Rick.   She is a very smart mare with a lot of athletic ability and cow sense and is always willing to please.   She has a nice, natural fast paced walk and is a really fun horse to ride for anyone."

Brett Fitzpatrick

BooBoo is bred to Cool Illusions AKA Badger.  The resulting foal has a 46.88% chance of being a Black or a Grulla and a 3.13% chance of being a Red Dun or Sorrel/Chestnut foal.  BooBoo's first and only foal was a Homozygous Grulla.

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