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Belle is the just sweetest little gal.  She just LOVES people and enjoys to give kisses.  We have had nothing but enjoyment out of her since the day she was born.  Belle is SO willing to do anything you ask of her and is very eager to please.  In fact most things we train our foals on she just did on her own while she was loose running around the barn.  We have had some good foals in the past that were easy to train, but I honestly have to say in 14 years of having foals Belle is a cut above the rest.  She is truly one of a kind.

We start working and training our babies the day they are born.   They are imprinted heavily that first day and get a short lesson in leading. Every day after that when we work with them we continue to imprint them all over again, though not as much.  We mess with their ears, put our fingers in their nose and mouth as well to get them used to a bit.  Heck Belle took to everything so quickly that we moved her on to other things right away.   At this point she has been worked almost every day and has been trained to do the following:

  1. Put a halter on
  2. Lead at a walk
  3. Back... she doesn't back in a perfect straight line yet, but that will come in time
  4. Walk over poles
  5. Walk over plywood
  6. Walk over plastic
  7. Has had plastic put on her back and lead around
  8. Has had plastic pulled behind her while walking
  9. Walked in water in a tub
  10. Walked over a coiled up hose
  11. Walked on an aluminum wheel chair ramp
  12. Picks up all 4 feet
  13. Been around Dogs, Rabbits, other horses and babies, etc.  By the times she leaves she will have been around birds of all kinds, snakes, Prairie Dogs, Ground Squirrels, Coyotes, Fox, Deer and more wildlife
  14. Had a rope wrapped around her, over her face and through and around her legs
  15. She gives to pressure and moves off your hand
  16. Been around a Tractor, a John Deere Gator, a car and a PU
  17. Has been wormed
  18. Has been brushed and boy oh boy does she EVER LOVE THAT! She can't get enough of it

The last thing we have to do is to load her in the horse trailer a few times.  We don't lead our babies in, but we put the mare in the trailer and let the baby get in on their own.  This makes it much easier to load them up when they are weaned and sold.  The little bit of exposure they get to being in the trailer makes them less fearful of it.

At this point there isn't a whole lot more that we can do as far as training her.  Heck by the time she is weaned she'll be about ready for an In Hand Trail Class she has had so much done to her.  She has really challenged us to come up with new ideas of what to try next.

As we were working on our Tack Room at the time she was born she has been exposed to a Skill Saw, Electric Drill, Grinder and Hammering.  Nothing seems to phase her or scare her one little bit.  She takes it all in stride.

When loose and running around she is extremely quick and catty.  She does sliding stops and spins on a dime.  She has the potential go about any way you want... Cutting, Reining, Trail, Pleasure, Halter, etc.  She has the speed and the turns for Reining and Cutting, the fearless mind for Trail, the attitude for Pleasure and the conformation and pedigree for Halter.  With her willingness you should be able to do anything you want to do with her.  She has a World Champion, National Champion, APHA and AQHA Champion filled pedigree on top and bottom in both Halter and Performance.  There's even a couple AQHA Hall of Fame horses in there.

The photos don't show it real well, but she does have some light Zebra Striping on her shoulder and on her legs.  Once she sheds out they may be more prominent or go away all together.  Only time will tell on that.  She does have the potential of becoming a Red Dun "Sabino" as her dam does carry that gene being a "Sabino" herself.

I would expect Belle to mature to around 15 Hands or so and around 1,000 pounds.  She is big boned and built like her dam who is nice and stocky.

We thought long and hard about selling her as she is just that special.  But in the end we felt that she would have a much happier home with someone that would use her and give her lots of attention.  Here, with 45 horses, she wouldn't get much individual attention and would mainly be used for a brood mare.  She has way too much potential to be used for just that.

With the purchase of Belle you are entitled to a FREE Breeding to any standing stud here at Regal Paints.  You only pay for the mare care at the going rate for the year you use your FREE Breeding.  You may breed ANY mare that you own.  It does NOT have to be to the horse you bought from us.

In addition... if you show the horse you buy from us, once you earn 10 Verifiable Points with the APHA we will issue a $100.00 refund.  You just need to notify us that you have earned the points.  Once the points show up on the APHA web site we will send you a check.

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