Missys Regal Bandito

AQHA #4121223 - 2000 Palomino Stud Colt

Bandit - Full - 2 Years Old
Bandit at 2 Years Old.

SOLD to Mark and Randa Nugent of Nugent Ranches in Canada

Thank you Mark and Randa.  I hope he turns out to be another Barrel Champion for you.

Bandit is a VERY athletic colt.  He would make an EXCELLENT barrel racer or a Cutting/Reining or stud prospect.  He's tall, long legged, and turns on a dime when running in the pasture with the other horses.  He has a long sloping shoulder and long pasterns so he should be smooth riding.  Bandit has good bone and strong solid feet under him.

Bandit showed his "Cow Sense" and natural cutting ability from the very beginning.  By the third day he was running across the stall and coming to a sliding stop.  Then he would jump to the left and the right and acting just like he was cutting a cow out of a herd and holding them there.  He was a true NATURAL at it.  It wasn't something that was just a fluke either.  He did this over and over again while I watched him.  He'd run to one end, do a sliding stop, run to the other end stop and bob and weave and then back to the other end for another sliding stop, etc.  It was incredible.  He still does this out in the pasture.  He stops on a dime.

Bandit - Full - 2 Years Old
Photo taken at 2 Years Old.

His dam, "She Wins Smashed" aka "Missy" is 15 hands and weighs 1,050 lbs.  Bandit is 15 hands and weighs 950 lbs at 2 years old.  He should mature to around 16 hands.

Bandit is Doc Bar, Easily Smashed [On his papers}, Six Chick, Majestic Prince, Doc's Hickory [On his papers], Foolish, Easy Jet, Smashed Casanova [On his papers, Grandsire] bred.  He has a good solid racing background on his dams side as well as a Champion Cutting/Reining Horse background on his sires side.

Bandit at 2 Years old
Bandit at 2 Years old.

Bandit was imprinted at birth and halter broke on day 3.  Bandit learns instantly which is a real plus.  The first time we put the halter on him and Rick started to lead him around he immediately knew what to do.  He was trimmed the first time at 1 week old.  He has been trimmed every 2-3 months since then.  He just stands there and doesn't really even need to be held.  We have never had to use a stud chain on him.  He does not bite or kick.  Bandit has NEVER even attempted a strike at all.  He has not been clipped or trailered.  Bandit is gentle and a real lover.  He loves tons and tons of attention.  People that come here to see our horses are always amazed at how sweet and gentle he his and can hardly believe that he is a stallion.  :)

He has been vaccinated for Tetanus, West Nile Virus, Strangles and the 5 Way starting from when he was born as well... with the exception of West Nile Virus.  Last year was the first year we vaccinated for that.  He has been wormed every three months from 3 months of age, alternating wormers each time.  He was just wormed again at the end of April.  All horses on the farm are on the exact same trimming, Vaccination and Worming program.

Bandit at 2 Years old
Bandit at 2 Years old.

We have started a wee bit of training on him this year.  We have put the saddle blanket on him and our next step is to put the saddle on him.  My husband is over 200lbs so we don't plan on doing much in the way of riding him at this time.  We believe in taking it nice and slow when training in order to instill total trust in our horses.

We usually wait until our horses are 3 years old before we do any extensive saddle breaking to insure that their knees are closed.  However, if he is like the rest of our horses we have started training he should be a breeze and without a hint of buck in him.  He has been handled the same way from birth as the rest of our stock is.  And considering the temperament and sweet, kind disposition of his dam I expect him to be a real sweetheart to ride and train. :)

Bandit at 2 Years old
Bandit at 2 Years old.

I can honestly say if we hadn't planned on breeding Paints Bandit would stay here to be our herd sire.  My husband and I thought long and hard about whether to switch breeds and go to Quarter Horses when we saw what we had in Bandit.  In the end though, my love of the spotted beauties won out.  Thus we decided to sell Bandit.   I hope we don't live to regret it.

This is a guy that you don't want to pass up.  Use him for a while and then put him to stud.  With his breeding he could really put some nice foals on the ground for you.  And as an added bonus you've got great color to boot.

Bandit at 2 Years old.

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