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Thank you for your interest in breeding to Cool Illusions AKA Badger.

Below is a list of requirements to breed to Badger as well as some additional information.

  • All Monies paid to the STALLION OWNER shall be CASH ONLY US CURRENCY.   STALLION OWNER will NOT accept a personal check, a money order nor a cashiers check unless otherwise agreed upon mutually by both parties in writing.

  • MARE OWNER shall pay the sum of $450.00 as a breeding fee: One half (1/2) of which is payable at the time of the signing of the breeding contract, booking or delivery of mare, whichever comes first, as a non refundable booking fee.

  • The balance of $225.00 together with all unpaid mare care expenses shall be paid when the mare is retrieved.  The mare will not be released to the owner or the owner's agent or the owner's representative until all fees are paid to date.

  • STALLION OWNER shall provide suitable facilities for the care and feed of the mare and/or foal while in the possession of the STALLION OWNER.  MARE OWNER shall pay for the care and feed at the rate of $5.00 per day for dry mares and $10.00 for wet mares.  Standard boarding will be in a shared pen/corral or shared pasture.  It is mutually understood and agreed by and between the parties that the term dry mare is a mare without a standing foal at her side and that the term wet mare is a mare with a standing foal at her side.   Such charges shall be paid whether or not the mare is settled.

  • STALLION OWNER shall provide Grass Hay with Minimal Alfalfa a minimum of one time per day.   A Salt Block, a Selenium Block and Fresh Water shall be provided at ALL times.  Stallion and his accompanying mares may or may not be turned out to pasture on a daily basis.

  • MARE OWNER understands that the breeding will be a Live Cover and that the mare will NOT be hand bred and will be pasture bred ONLY.

  • MARE OWNER understands that a "COLORED" Foal is "NOT" guaranteed with this breeding.

  • STALLION OWNER guarantees a "LIVE FOAL" from the breeding.  "Live Foal" is defined as a foal that stands and nurses without assistance and survives for Twenty Four (24) hours.  Should the mare prove not be in foal in the year bred or lose her foal or should the foal not stand and nurse without assistance, MARE OWNER shall notify STALLION OWNER in writing within one week of the foaling date or the date the mare is proved not to be in foal or loses her foal.  Such notice shall be forwarded to the address of record of the STALLION OWNER and shall be accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian verifying that the foal is not a "Live Foal" as defined above or that the foal has been lost as stated above.

  • STALLION OWNER shall give to MARE OWNER a free season to the stallion the following breeding year if he is a standing and fertile stallion.  This breeding is reserved to the same mare as originally booked unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing between MARE OWNER and STALLION OWNER, subject to the MARE OWNER being responsible for mare care at the current rate for that breeding season year.  Should the stallion no longer be in the possession of the STALLION OWNER or no longer fertile the MARE OWNER may choose another stallion owned by the STALLION OWNER.   Replacement stallion breeding fee must be equal to or less than the breeding fee of the original stallion.


  • MARE OWNER shall deliver the mare in a healthy, suitable and sound breeding condition free from infectious, contagious or transmissible disease or Lice.  If the below is not done or the requested paperwork does not accompany the mare, the STALLION OWNER reserves the right to deny breeding services to the mare until such documentation is provided or the mare is in healthy and sound breeding condition.   In the event the documentation is NOT provided all monies paid will be NON REFUNDABLE.

  • MARE OWNER shall provide the following:

    1. A current negative Coggins Test document with in the previous 6 months.  WHY DO WE REQUIRE THIS?   We sell many horses to the Air Force Base as well as out of state.  Both require NEGATIVE Coggins Tests in order for the horse to be allowed on base or into their state.  Our herd is COGGINS FREE and we must keep it that way to insure future sales.

    2. A photocopy of both sides of all registration papers for the mare.

    3. A veterinarian's health certificate.

    4. A health worming and immunization record showing the mare has been vaccinated for Strangles, Sleeping Sickness, Equine Influenza, Equine Herpesvirus (rhinopneumonitis, rhino, viral abortion) and Potomac Horse Fever.

    5. The REAR shoes of the mare MUST be removed.

    6. The mare must be easily catchable and halter broke.

    7. The mare must not Kick, Bite nor be a danger to STALLION OWNER or her agents.

    8. MARE OWNER agrees to provide in writing any known health risks/circumstances.

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